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          How to control the quality of corrugated boxes?
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          With the changing world economy, corrugated box industry in this period is FY gradually, corrugated boxes as a low-margin industry, every step will be cautious. Corrugated box quality control is a systematic project, there comes to all aspects of production processes.

          The origin and development of standard

          Each client will have its own independent test. Upon receipt of customer orders at the beginning, we have to carefully analyze customer standards, and in the customer's standards is often a lot of narrative. Because many of them have nothing to do many of the statements related processes, operators tend to look confused, if we will distribute these standards directly to the workshop or departments, these standards will tend to be shelved, useless.

          And we received customer orders at the beginning of work to be done is to some standard into their own company's internal standards, and these standards require simple, easy to understand and operate. The decomposition of each customer standards, according to the order of production were distributed to the procurement, technology, production, quality control and so on each link, then a certain sequence of various departments to set their own workflow and operation of the program.

          The main raw material is paper carton, carton quality control is often the first step.

          The quality paper involves carton compressive strength, bursting strength, compression strength, moisture effects, folding strength, printing effects, cutting and so on all aspects of operation, so the quality of the entire procurement base paper quality control at source. Customer standards often provide physical indicators of cartons, paper name and weight requirements, and we need to figure out the paper according to the requirements of the relevant physical indicators, as procurement and acceptance criteria.

          Corrugated paper and cardboard relationship between physical indicators

          Corrugated box corrugated paper is constituted by the level of anti-'s formula is based on the calculation of the physical properties of paper cardboard carton compressive strength, to see whether it can meet the requirements: corrugated boxes can also be based on a predetermined compressive strength requirements, select a certain corrugated board base paper.

          P = Px · KP - compressive strength of corrugated box empty containers (unit N) Px - horizontally integrated corrugated board base paper ring crush strength (units of N / cm).

          Among them, three corrugated board base paper integrated ring crush strength is calculated as:

          Px = (R1 + R2 + RmC) / 15.2 integrated corrugated board base paper ring crush strength is calculated as:

          Px = (R1 + R2 + R3 + RmlCl + Rm2C2) / 15.2Rn-- paper ring crush strength test lateral force value (N/0.152m) Rmn - corrugated paper ring crush strength test lateral force value (N / 0.152m) C - corrugated shrinkage, ie corrugated paper and tissue paper length ratio.

          (CA = 1.532, CC = 1.477, CB = 1.361)

          K - Consolidated ring crush strength of empty containers in a cardboard box in the RMS, calculated as KA = 30.3 +0.2752-0.000522 K = c = 27.9 +0 2652 一 0 000522K = B: 24.6 +0 2352 一 0 000522K five AA = 41.7 +0.355 Z-0.000522K j BB = 33.2 +0.3052-0.000522 K five cc = 38.1 +0.3452 a 0.000522K j AB = 38.2 +0335 Z-0.000522K j Ac = 40 2 +0.355 Z-0.000522K j Rr = 35.7 +0.325 Z-0.000522 three A - triple A flute boxes, three boxes circumference ranges:

          70cm ~ 200cm five AC - AC corrugated box five, five boxes circumference ranges:

          70cm ~ 300cm formula can only estimate the compression ring crush strength of the paper, and in fact affect the compressive strength of corrugated boxes by many factors, should include the paper ring crush strength, tensile strength, bursting strength, tightness, and water resistance and water absorption of paper and so on.

          Tensile strength, the tensile strength of corrugated paper fiber structure depends on paper, and the adhesion between the fibers, tensile strength not only affect the quality of paper in the course of the resistance to the mechanical tension, but also affect the quality after compression molding boxes, usually, if the ring crush strength of the paper is very good, and the breaking length and tensile strength is not good when the boxes are often caused by compressive deformation of the test volume, final deformation such as accordion shape, because the texture of the fiber, structure, or the connection between the fiber is poor, and when the carton for compression test, the first edge of the fiber pressure line by force, and this inability to loose fibers are not well the force will be communicated to the carton carton overall, just a passive part in the pressure, with the partial collapse of the edge of collapse, parts of the force and then gradually move toward the middle box, on the formation of deformation phenomena such as the accordion-like test. The good tensile strength, then such a situation does not occur, the amount of cartons in the case of small deformation under great pressure, if coupled code, cartons can not withstand the pressure due to the overall surface of the center from the tank collapsed.

          Tightness test the tightness of the paper in the paper production process, the pressure effect of degree of compaction will affect the merits of the firm junction between the fibers thereby affecting the degree of the base paper ring crush strength and tensile strength, and ultimately to the shadow Ⅱ The compressive strength of the carton, and the tightness of the paper is not enough, but also affect the absorption of moisture cartons, making cartons in use or excessive moisture absorption during storage and reduce the compressive strength of cartons itself.

          Bursting Strength refers to the experimental conditions, paper or cardboard can bear the unit area perpendicular to the surface of a uniform design to increase the maximum pressure. Bursting strength reflects the carton on the circulation process handling, loading and unloading, impact, tear strength endurance. More and more cartons are used when placing orders for cardboard bursting strength has made clear, we are required to the customer's standard; Zhui to accurately calculate the base paper bursting, in general. Corrugated cardboard bursting strength equal in paper, tissue paper and sandwich paper bursting strength and multiplied by a factor of 0.92, while the corrugated paper bursting strength irrelevant. We can according to customer standards inverted relationship so soon bursting strength of paper, in order to develop the paper grade and origin, and to develop appropriate acceptance criteria.

          Determine the merits of the paper is not a single one from a physical indicators to determine, the physical properties of the paper should be a comprehensive indicator. Sometimes cardboard cartons using client businesses to cut corners in order to prevent, in the carton compression, bursting index request, they also made on the base paper with excessive weight requirements, and carton business in order to meet customer requirements, only increased paper weight paper grades to reduce warranty costs. This requirement of customers have low-weight high-strength corrugated paper shut out, in fact, from the overall performance up to consider, low-weight high-strength corrugated paper weight than the low end of the high stability of corrugated paper and more, and Since the stability of the base paper cartons reduce the physical properties of the individual differences, increasing the use of security boxes, the low level of the high weight of paper is difficult to achieve this effect. Since low-level designs in paper compressive instability is difficult to accurately estimate the compression, cartons complete physical properties vary greatly between individuals, and one doped lemons, use or transport of the carton process will become the first point of damage which affects the entire batch of cartons used. When this happens, when we need to communicate with customers to find a cardboard box with paper cost price point of integration.

          Customer's size and making the relationship between the size of carton packaging as a product, we should be tailored according to the size of the contents, and the customer's standard; Zhui often give us the inside carton size or contents, which requires the beginning of our production processes can be converted into each of our direct operation of the production size.

          As a corrugated packaging containers, a certain volume, wall thickness, corresponding also has some external volume. The size of the contents, and determines the number and arrangement of the inner dimensions of the carton (i.e. the carton volume). In size and wall thickness and production process of decision making carton dimensions (ie, the process of making the incision carton pressure line size). Production size, wall thickness, and the impact of the production process determines the outer carton dimensions (ie, after forming the outer folding carton size). Theoretically speaking, the size of the wall thickness is equal to production plus size, plus a wall thickness equal to production size outside dimensions. Indeed, the carton size, especially outside dimensions is a comprehensive analysis of the data together, cardboard quality and production processes, especially the tongue portion on lap carton outer carton size will have some impact on the tongue at the outer volume is in the production based on the two dimensions of the wall thickness, about three sizes in the carton production process of the conversion, requires some empirical basis. Sample box needs to be done when necessary for further confirmation.

          Internal dimensions (X.), Li × BixHi representation available.

          External dimensions diameter (X) with L. XB. xH. Representation.

          Production size (X) with LxBxH expressed.

          But the production plan in which two sizes and two wide face long face will vary, follow certain principles, we can according to customer requirements for certain modifications.

          Corrugated box size formula Xi = Xmax · Nx ± d (Nx +1) + K + T where Xi - inner carton dimensions (mm) Xmax - the contents of the maximum external dimensions.

          Nx - contents arranged in either direction in the number of cartons.

          d - as well as between the contents and the carton contents gap margin, ie tolerance factor.

          K - carton size correction coefficient, is a design process for a particular carton special correction can take positive or negative values can be taken, generally do not have the value boxes.

          T - lining cells or the total thickness of the cushion.

          For example: a mosquito carton, inner box specifications for l30X130X25mm, arrangement of 3 × 2X10, ie, row 3 cartons long face inside the box, wide side row 2 inside the box, put the 10-story high, up and down the board to do a five- liner, calculate the size of this mosquito inside the carton.

          Solution: As the mosquito inside the box there is a certain stability, tolerance factor of a high tolerance coefficient is 0, correction value takes O, down five cardboard pad thickness 7mm, calculate the inner carton dimensions:

          Li = Lmax · n + d (n +1) = 130X3 +1 X (3 +1) = 394B = Bmax · n + d (n +1) = 130X2 +1 X (2 +1) = 263Hi = Hmax · n + d (n +1) + T = 25X10 +7 X2 = 264 that is within this carton dimensions:

          LixXBixHi = 394X263X264 need to be reminded that in the calculation, such as mosquito cartons, be sure to consider the mosquito loaded into internal box volume shape after the impact, if installed inside the box after a high specification must be measured accumulation, with the measured value to calculate the execution Which diameter. This information must be properly communicated to ensure design accuracy.

          Note: This calculation is theoretical calculations, if not much practical experience in the formal production of bulk cartons, you must make sample box test equipment to determine eligibility size, to avoid mass loss.

          With inner carton size after the production of cardboard boxes will also be able to determine the basic size, theoretically speaking, is the length and width plus a cardboard thickness, height plus two cardboard thickness, it is converted into a carton production size. Production size OK OK we will further expanded view of line production size, expand map to be set sticky mouth size, the size of the overlap gluing, molding condition, a corresponding wave cover case, etc., as these conditions can not be a one set to the following process or the market will encounter many difficulties.

          By converting production size diameter size which has a very critical issue: Due to various manufacturers for the amount of law is not the same as the outer diameter of, for example, the amount of the long side outer diameter of law, and some include a lap tongue, and some do not include the ride then the tongue, and some even use individual carton manufacturers or manufacturers to be confused with the production size diameter size, often leads to errors in information transmission, eventually leading to mass loss. Therefore business process orders sure to understand clearly the specific requirements of the customer and the customer's information is correct to convey to the production and technical departments.

          There are a number of cartons used when it is necessary to ensure that the outer diameter of, for example, loading a container or other standard base code, this time to our customers often outer diameter of the carton, the carton outer volume, which must be able to correctly time the outer diameter size into production size, the method is the length and width of a wall thickness, height of two push down the wall thickness calculation, lack of space here to do a detailed repeat.

          Production quality control process some of the ways we will be ready to work no matter how well done, in the production process, we will encounter many problems one way or another, we need to question eleven appeared exclusion, and this experience as a prevention, so the next again repeated. Let us explore some small way the production process.

          High standards and strict requirements of the standard established in the narrative, when we mentioned decomposition customer standards. In fact, the production process can not be directly used as customer's standard production standards there is a reason, as clients served standards have the acceptance of a carton bottom, once ~ some cases, the face unqualified treatment. Therefore, we want to establish their own production safety standards. In compression standards, for example, the customer's standard 2200N, that our production process standards should be 2640N, depending on the compression process has to shadow Ⅱ, before the procedure even higher standard. Set the paper because we have set the standard when strict safety factor, in the production process of paper physical indicators should be valid conversion.

          Exclusion because the big carton production is a system engineering, in the production process, we often encounter many problems. In some problems, we need to know the reasons for these problems which then eleven investigation, ruled out until the cause of the problem. Also to the compressive failure, for example, a rotary die cutting carton compression testing process and found strength failed, first check on the procedures of the compressive test records any problems, first be ruled out.

          If the trace procedure on test records are no problem, and then troubleshoot the problem in this step, see if there is cardboard surface obvious indentation feed roller, feed roller will be raised to a certain height and then compression test:

          Check to see if there are positive and negative cardboard extra crease or indentation, and if so, this exclusion after the test.

          We contrast method for quality control process, often encounter some very difficult issues, but sometimes the workers in production is not very understanding, we may wish to use contrast method, process or on the road to see if there is such a situation the other crew, we wish to transform it thinking, a change of operator for comparison testing.

          Innovation Act of anything are not immutable, a problem that we might be thinking about work. In the quality control process, if we stay in a rut often cause some problems persist, the problem exists there will always be the root of his existence, to find the root of what we might be changed, but this change must follow certain principles, blind change will be counterproductive.

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